Artist Creates Miniature Sculptures of the Gritty Urban Architecture in Taiwan

Miniaturist Joshua Smith is back with a new scale model full of the urban grit we’ve come to know him for. After his recent work—a scale model of building in Kowloon—he’s turned his attention to Taiwan. This tall, slender building is a replica of a Locksmith shop in Kaohsiung, and Smith has spared no detail in bringing the model to life.

Built from scratch on a 1:18 scale, the structure even lights up—taking the mood from daytime metropolis to evening urban grit. Smith is constantly innovating for his work—in this case using the plastic from a ballpoint pen to create overhead lighting that flickers. Graffiti tags splash across the metal shutters and a lone motorbike outside gives a mood of quiet isolation.

Since he started focusing his work on scale models in 2015, Smith has continually cultivated his craft by meticulously recreating the urban landscape. Fascinated by the grime, rust, and decay of city life, he infuses each project with a unique character that brings the miniatures to life beyond their shape and form.

Smith’s newest miniature will be on display from November 10, 2017, at the Arcade Art Gallery in Taiwan as part of the group exhibition When the Sun Goes Down.

Miniaturist Joshua Smith is a master of recreating the urban landscape through scale models.

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The model—which depicts a Locksmith shop in Taiwan—even lights up for an even mood.

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Joshua Smith: Website | Facebook | Instagram

All images by Ben Neale. My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Joshua Smith.

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