Vintage VW Bus Revamped as ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine

Get ready to go Back to the Future with this tricked out, 1967 custom VW Bus by Velocity Motorcars. Inspired by the 1985 film, the vintage van has been lovingly revamped with little features that pay homage to Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

From the gull-wing doors to the working Flux Capacitor, this VW Bus is a new age time machine that would make Doc Brown’s original DeLorean proud. In keeping with its cinematic feel, backseat passengers can watch movies on the large screen. And the color scheme bridges past and present, with a sleek grey exterior finish and eye-popping orange and yellow interior that looks to be a throwback to the 1970s.

Based in Nashville, Velocity Motorcars is known for their inventory of high-end and luxury used vehicles. From sleek Lamborghinis to a vintage Camaro, it’s a gear head’s dream. But there’s something extra special about the Back to the Future bus and at just under $90k, it could be yours.

This 1967 VW Bus has been customized to include Back to the Future features like gullwing doors and a working Flux Capacitor.

Back to the Future VW Bus
flux capacitor back to the future

The yellow and orange interior is spacious and even features a large screen for watching movies.

Back to the Future VW Bus
Back to the Future VW Bus
Back to the Future VW Bus

With just over 50,000 miles, the Back to the Future-inspired VW Bug would surely make Marty McFly and Doc Brown proud.

custom vw bus
vw bus inspired by back to the future
Back to the Future VW Bus

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All images via Velocity Motorcars.

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